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I found out this morning that all my sales on Ebay are registered on a site in britain called - it doesn't matter what you sell, how much you sell, or don't sell, and it doesn't matter what you charge for shipping on Ebay - all those details including how much you made in any given month and how much you charged for shipping along with the photos of your items are displayed right there on

If you don't believe me go to and tap in your ebay ID and you will see the financial details of every thing you have ever sold. It will also list the details of how much your sales brought in for any given month. When I complained about this invasion of privacy to Ebay this morning they said that was not an affiliate of theirs and they had never heard of this company and would investigate. But IS an affiliate in the sense that Ebay pays Goodfbay for every customer that it sends its way. Despite this, there is a disclaimer on the bottom of Goofbay's home page that says it is not connected with Ebay!

I am sick to death of Ebay selling my privacy in this way. It was a shock to see all my financial details displayed and my photographs. Goofbay could only have got this information from Ebay. This means that no one who sells on ebay is safe or has any right to privacy - their sales figures will be displayed on goofbay for all to see. You can go to goofbay and tap in the ebay ID of any dealer and - hey presto - their details will instantly come up in a few seconds.

Ebay NEVER warned its sellers about this facility. It IS an invasion of privacy. And I have made a complaint this morning but I doubt it will get anywhere. But, if anyone reading this agrees with me, that our financial sales figures should not show up anywhere - least of all on a site in Britain - then please complain to Ebay, this is not right what they're doing.

Thanks, John

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i agree that no financial figures should show other than the item price and sale price. goofbay if i am right is like ebay pulse and is for sellers to research the market on ebay to see what is selling and how much so sellers can sell more affectively so as you see information like this needs to display on there. i find it a wonderful tool in my ebay business.

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I also sell and buy on Ebay,

I complained to Ebay that my sales data were easily available to see at the touch of a button by anyone including my competitors.

Ebay customer services told me they were not connected to Goofbid and that I should contact them to make a complaint, unfortunately to get hold of them I would need to register with Facebook, and as I don't have a Facebook account for privacy reasons, I was unable to leave my comments.

I am aware that all this information can be worked out through the feedback list already available for all to see, however anyone normally interested in my sales performance would need to sit in front of the computer with a calculator adding up every sale, now Goofbid makes it easy and convenient for anyone to see how much money I have made.

This is an infringment of my privacy to a point.

The people who don't worry about this and leave idiotic comments are the ones who don't sell on Ebay and don't feel involved or they are the culprits that like to spy on other people, but don't like to give anything of their own information away.

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Im new to ebay and only just discovering goofbay. I must say I found it disturbing to be able to locate all sales from anyones user name. This information wouldnt normally be available if selling through a shop or paper etc. It exposes you to potential tax questions too.

On the other hand I found it useful to see a particular seller was selling a particular rear item a number of times !

Before proceeding to sell anything I think I will make a detailed check of what personal information is made available. I dont think I will use my bank account but open a second account to work with paypal. I will be watchful with any id.

Thank you for raising this issue.

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The Goofbay site is intended to find items that have got mis-spelt titles, descriptions etc. Congratulations for being one of its biggest contributors!

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Dear John,

The info you refer to is available to anyone on bay. You are worrying about nothing.

You most probably have mild learning difficulties, so you may find this hard to take in.

All the best

*** Watcher


Amazed this still shows up on searches for Goofbay.

Oh well - Goofbay (now Goofbid) is American NOT British.

It DOES NOT give confidential info.

It gives the info anyone can find by doing a search on ebay.

For me, personally the added advantages are (my favourites that is) a sniping tool and mis-spelling tool.


You are all retarded. Goofbay & Goofbid are nothing and ebay don't give details to anyone.



most of the people that don't like goofbay are just hiding from the tax man



eBay don't give GoofBay your info, GoofBay take it like any other member of the public can, through eBay advanced search. There is an option on eBay advanced search to find a member by user ID. Nobody needs GoofBay, it can all be done on eBay itself.


Someone should take ebay and goofbay to court and make a stand against them. Ebay and goofbay have no right to allow this information to be accessed by anyone at any time!

I have no idea what the international data protection laws are like but it shouldn't make a difference. My friend was just able to access all of my selling and buying history from the UK for information on a UK individual. All he would then have to do is buy a cheap item from me, get all my personal info (name, address, email) and who know what he could do with it? Identity fraud, spamming, etc.

Its probably illegal. Don't let them get away with it!!!


I'm only a buyer on ebay, and have no intention of selling there. Why should anyone have access to MY data?! I'm the one giving up my money up front in good faith, why would every snooping a-hole need to go through the other stuff I've bought before they accept it?! Not to mention this isn't even an option offered JUST to people whose items I am bidding on/buying, it's for EVERYONE who knows my username. THat includes any random acquaintance to whom I may have sent one of those 'check out this item I found on ebay' emails.

It's not just a goofbay matter. It's ebay too. And that stuff about protecting the consumer from bad sellers is obviously not gonna wash when it's buyers' details being exposed, and neither is it gonna work when it's EVERYONE who can access these, not just people with whom you are sharing a transaction.

Is there any way to stop this? I have paid over 300 quid on ebay in the last three months, so that shows up on goofbay. And it's *** that they don't have personal data like address etc, because clearly, that's available to anyone who has ever sold me something.


I think people are missing the point that once they have their details published by ebay they are in the public domain, your sales are held on ebay for a good period and also likly to be in other caches, I doubt goofbay host the photos just link to them.I would consider what you let out to the internet before you worry about what one site collects.

Keep your username abstract from yourself and you wont have a problem these other sites just show you as a good seller and as a buyer using these tools would be more likly to buy from you.Swings and roundabouts gents.

there are many useful ebay tools sites, one if my fav shows bidding history so you can see if certain accounts always bid on another accounts items so you can see whats being artificially (and againt ebays rules) inflated and leave alone.


Oh well, even though it's a post well over 2 years old now, I wonder how many of the "It's a scam" moaners are hiding away in embarrassment?

Firstly, anything that people upload to a website, whether it be music, movies, or naked pictures of your nan, can be searched for, downloaded, ***, even choke their chicken over the photo if they wanted to, and you could not do 1 thing about it.

Why? Look at the T.O.S on eBay, (it's the same on all Social Networking sites too), where in, it is considered that if you are uploading a photo to be seen by friends, or potential sellers, then this is obviously something that is NOT private lol :grin

No wonder goofbay reacted the way they did, reading letters like some people have gone off and sent on here lol.

You should actually be thanking them, as they are more then likely giving your items that you sell, double the exposure.

Financial information on all ebay buyer and sellers history can be accessed through ebay itself.

Seems to me the only thing people here are concerned about is hiding from the Tax man.

to Can't believe I'm actually rea Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom #589653

Well said


John, your a bit of a loser!

Goofbay tools are nothing to do with ebay!!

Also your personal details are not displayed! It does not give any home addresses, pay pal account info or contact details etc!

Thank you to goofbay I can check on mutually removed negative feedback etc.. It protects consumers from poor or nasty sellers!

Keep on crying like a baby!

It's all legal and above board!! :)


I love Goofbay.If you spell your title of the item that you are selling wrong, then it's your fault, not Goofbay or Ebay's fault.

My brother and I have made TONS of money because of others grammar mistakes.Also, if you put ANY photo on the internet, then it's on there forever, regardless of Ebay's privacy guidelines...everyone knows that.


:( Goofbay is a worthless suck hole!


Sorry, but you can find all this information on ebay's own site.Simply do an advanced search and look up completed items for any particular seller.

Then add up the totals, etc. You can even estimate their fees!

Goofbay just gathers this information that ebay already makes available.And btw it's not very accurate.


Well I did just that, sent an email to request that my details and photo's be removed from thier website, and heres the email I got back from them.........

Hi Chris

I'm not sure what happened to the court papers but it appears we still don't have them so we are unable to remove the details. I personally wouldn't worry about your privacy though as it's only a photo. Thank you for your time.



Obviously they are playing the smart ***, well they can keep my details, they all out dated anyway I don't use ebay any more. But a response like that is typical I guess, welldone goofbay, you really do live up to your name.


goofbay has no right taking private info and displaying it on their website. it is not their info.

however, you can go to goofbay and contact them telling them to remove you from their database. they have to remove you when you tell them too.


what´s about the published photos on goofbay? Aren´t this photos my own? It is normally NOT allowed to publish MY private photos!


I have to agree on both sides, you can easily access how much a seller has made, just by looking through the feedback etc, I think the shock to some is seeing thier financial info on a site like this.I sell on ebay and I have seen my details here, but so what, you can have a look at any sellers sales on ebay, it just requires more finger-work.

As for refering to John as an ***, well thats just ignorant, this site is here to inform and educate, not ridicule.Don't tell someone to get a life, thats not advice is it ?


I agree with every word of the OP. It is one thing to post a list of what sells on ebay & what it sells for but to access & post Seller Fees without a Sellers Permission is wrong & may be illegal. This just another way ebay stomps on Sellers.


By the way: you´re complaining about publicity of your sales?Ain´t that just what you are looking for?

Ain´t that publicity exactly what helps you get more money for the things you´re selling because more people get interested in your stuff? And after the deal, you suddenly don´t want this useful publicity anymore. Sorry, but that´s just not the way it works. You can´t have the meat AND the milk from the same cow at the same time.

But if you don´t want your sales to be listed in the web, why don´t you stop selling stuff via ebay and start selling via newspaper or flea markets?

That could be a solution of your problem.But you´d probably get much less money!


Have you ever searched ebay for seller activities of a special member?Or the feedbacks that some seller got?

If so, you have just done what goofbay does, but you had to spend more time and work doing it. If anyone sells stuff via internet, should we still talk about privacy at all?

So goofbay is just an easier way to get all the information you can also get manually.Where´s the problem?


I agree with everyone else - John, you're an ***. If you bothered to look into the Goofbay site you would see what a wonderful tool it is for ebay sellers. Get a life!


Why dont you get a life. Goofbay is a tool that anybody can use. You can find out on your own but Goofbay makes it easy


goofbay ar not associated with ebay, they simply browse ebay like any user can and collate the information. if you don't want your PUBLIC information to be disclosed stop using ebay.


eBay Gives them the data on request and as such Goofbay are gate keepers for eBay like dozens of other sites on the internet.

Goofbays bidding data is the same as the sales data and does not show bids that have been made , just bids that won.




Selling is NOT a PRIVATE activity.Like any store, or transaction, in which you are making an income by engaging, advertising, charging, and making money from the public by these activities - the info regarding your practices are actually the public's right to be informed.

Your 'privacy' isn't an issue here.SELLING is a PUBLIC activity.


:cry :cry :cry



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